Authors Biography       

                                                                          Shawnie Clark

                                    Writing is not what I do, It's what I love!


Writing has always had a place in my life. At a young age, I wrote stories about my hopes and dreams.

As I reached young adulthood I continued to write with a little more focus, writing various articles for newspapers and magazines.


As I raised my children, all five, they inspired me to write children's stories and poetry. I've had some poetry published in anthologies (book of poems by various writers). Over the years, I have continued writing articles for online magazines and websites. It wasn't until recently that I decided to take my writing to a higher level. I now have several children's books published.


My life experiences as a mother, wife, writer, travel agent, photographer, and childcare supervisor have contributed to who I am today. It could be said that I'm a person who has worn many hats.


Life is precious, like a valuable pearl mined from deep in the sea.

What is it's value?