My Review for Sneaky Scottie:

Sneaky Scottie by Lois Lunsford

A wonderful story about a mischievous little dog named Clarabelle. She is full of energy and always on the run. I enjoyed following along with this adventure. The illustrations are wonderful!  A delightful read!

Great job Lois!

FOUR star review

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A Brand New Day: Review by Shawnie Clark

Shawnie Clark, author of numerous children’s picture books including Crocky Dile and Lila and The Leaves, has given A Brand New Day an honest and lovely review. Thank you Shawnie!

“A wonderful book about a little girl who has to divide her time between her mom’s house and her dad’s house.It is well written and has a very positive outlook! The rhyming flows nicely and the illustrations are fabulous! Loved it!

Supreme Kitchen Team - King Rupert's Raspberry Vanilla Cupcakes

A magical story with Ruby and her Supreme Kitchen Team.

This is a cute story that is well written.
The illustrations bring this book to life, they are Fabulous!

Love the recipe in the book, great idea! All around great book!

5 Stars - Fabulous